Trying to capture the perfect shot in Yosemite National Park, USA

This squirrel wanted to check the photo

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Other things I do

Besides wildlife photography, I’m interested in few other fields. All of them are connected in some way. When combined together, they complement each other and give me motivation for each new day.

I like to paint and draw animals. Check out my gallery.

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I love music. I’ve been playing piano since a young kid.

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I capture honest, authentic, and unscripted love stories for couples.

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Web design

Do you want to have your own website? I can help with that!

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Awards & recognitions

My photographs and projects have been featured amongst the winners of world’s top nature photography competitions including Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Siena International Photography Awards and GDT European Photographer of the Year.

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Siena international Photography Awards

1st prize in "Student" and 1st prize in "Wildlife" category


Previous collaborations include:


Interviews & features

Chosen appearances in TV, press and other media.


  • Pytanie Na Śniadanie
  • Dzień Dobry TVN
  • TVP3 Wrocław
  • TVN24 - 2015
  • TVN24 - 2012


  • www.wrocł - wywiad 2015
  • www.wrocł - wywiad 2016
  • Gazeta Wrocławska - 2015
  • Gazeta Wrocławska - 2013
  • Wrocław Nasze Miasto - 2012
  • Wrocław Nasze Miasto - 2013
  • Wrocław Nasze Miasto - 2013 wywiad
  • Wrocław Nasze Miasto - 2015
  • Wrocław Nasze Miasto - 2016
  • Gazeta Wyborcza
  • - recenzja obiektywu

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